Make yourself comfortable and imagine…

…a gathering place of your choice: perhaps a Parisian cafe, or a teahouse with incense lingering in the air; it might be a campfire, or a warm hostel at the end of a long road.

Here you find a gathering of the vaguely bohemian. These are no die-hard absinthe drinkers doomed to die of consumption, but people of inspired talents, fierce intellects, and dexterous hands. You may find one painting the sunset onto canvas, another stringing together satirical limericks, or a third dancing to a fourth’s improvised tune.

You are bound to hear short stories and tall tales, and to tell a few of your own as well. You are, after all, invited to stay, and to explore the philosophies and pastimes of vaguely bohemianism.


Adverbial form of vague, derived from Latin vagus, meaning wandering.


(n) a person with artistic or literary inclinations; one who lives and acts free of regard for convention.

(adj) characteristic of such a life; living a wandering or vagabond life.

origin: 1570-80, from the unconventional lifestyle of gypsies, erroneously supposed to be from Bohemia. (Incidentally, the term “gypsy” came about because the people referred to as such were erroneously supposed to be from Egypt.)