Bohemian Ideals: An Incomplete Explanation of Vaguely Bohemianism

The word bohemian covers a lot of ground, including the beatnik, hippie, and new age movements of the twentieth century. Like the old square vs. rectangle, a hippie is a bohemian; a bohemian is not necessarily a hippie.  Of course, we’re not just squares and rectangles, we’re also octagons and mandalas.On this site, the terms bohemian, boho, and vaguely bohemian all refer to a person or aesthetic that is artistic, socially responsible, and/or unconventional. You’ve all heard about truth, beauty, freedom, and love; here’s our supplementary (but not exhaustive) list of Vaguely Bohemian Ideals.


Whether it’s an old friend you’ll always be loyal to, or a genuine conversation you have with a fellow hostel guest, we need face-to-face, real live human connections to thrive.


To stand up for our ideals (whether these or others), to live unconventionally, to think outside the box.

Creativity & Art

Gotta have it.  In LotR, “Good” is defined partially by it’s ability to create; so let’s, um, not be evil.  Art gives us new perspectives, and lets us know we’re not alone.

First, Do No Harm

For me, this means that before I put cash aside to donate to charities, I will make sure I am eating organic, ethically raised food, living as close to carbon-neutral as I can, buying fair trade, etc.  In other words, make sure you’re not part of the problem.

Green Living & Organic Goods

Nature rocks.  When we treat it right, we rock too.  Goes along with First, Do No Harm.

Health, Fitness, & Nourishment

The world is an amazing place.  To take full advantage of that, we need to be fit and healthy, so we can hike mountains, walk to work, till our soil, and dance around bonfires ’til dawn.

Independence & Local-ness

Independent businesses are interesting, ethical, and keep cash local. Buying from members of your communities is fun and fosters Connection.


[Insert Your Ideals Here]


Can make all the difference.

Mindfulness & Presence

This moment is worth being present in.  Paying attention is half the battle.


If we’re clever and use our resources wisely, it’s easier to put our dollars toward the things that matter.  Since bohos often forgo high-paying careers for careers we believe in, this is an important skill!

Social Responsibility/Fair Trade

Make your dollars work double time:  both to buy you stuff, and to create a world you want to live in.