Wish You Were Here

Once upon a time, I sat down in a hotel room and – for lack of anything better to do – started a website. But print is my first love, and before too long, I had had way too much fun with VistaPrint. There was a postcard promo going on, and I came up with just under a dozen postcard designs promoting my new domain – before I had properly figured out what I wanted to do with the site itself.

Alas, this binge of postcard printing was – though fun and creative – neither green nor particularly resourceful. For the last couple of years, I’ve trucked around (or stored) stacks of postcards that periodically became more out of date. Finally, on Wednesday, I packed the whole lot into my backpack and hiked around Philadelphia leaving a few at this cafe and a few at that organic market. And now, they’re out in the world to do their job, and hopefully bring a few new faces this way. Wahoo!

While I came across a lot of great spots, I have to put a plug in for my fave new find: Walnut Bridge Coffee House. With big picture windows looking out onto a busy road, I thought this cafe would be cute but harried. On the contrary: full of cozy couches and displaying so much artwork some of it is leaning against the furniture, the Walnut Bridge Coffee House feels like a place apart. Outside, the cars rush past – but the inside invites great conversation or quiet contemplation. So next time you’re in the neighborhood, get out of the city traffic and give it a try. (This place will definitely make the cut when I get around to creating a boho travel guide to Philly.)

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