Vs. the Long Trail

At least one person’s noticed I’m from New England (thanks for reading!), and remembered that Vermont’s home to the Long Trail, the oldest long-distance trail in the U.S. A good friend of mine hiked the Long Trail a few years back, end to end. Thinking of her stories, the trail from the Cliffs to Doolin doesn’t look so hard.

That’s the other reason why I figure it’s not so crazy to walk the coast of Ireland. The Long Trail’s about 270 miles. There are some real tough miles in there, with your life on your back, and some real wet nights.
Ireland, from what I hear, is about 300 miles at its longest from north to south. Of course I want to mostly stick to the coast, which makes for a lot more walking. On the other hand, Ireland’s villages are close enough together that I should be able to plan a hostel for every night. That means I don’t have to carry a tent or a tarp, or things to cook with, or even much food. And it means I’ll spend every night under a warm comforter, on a(n at least reasonably) comfortable bed. And I can always stop in one town for a few days.

So it’ll take some time, all right, but it’s not so crazy an idea.

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