The Search for Hostels and WWW Burnout

I’ve spent much of the last few days online with one window open to, another to the Waymarked Ways Trail Search, a third to whatever my google search for hostels has come up with, and my OSI road atlas open beside me. I’m glad that once I get to ireland, I won’t be spending much time on computers! (I will still be keeping up this blog, of course, through a combination of internet cafes and emails from my mobile phone.)

But I’ve compiled a list of 40-50 hostels that should get me from Baltimore, south of Skibbereen, up the coast to the Aran Islands, and from there to Rossaveal. There, it becomes more difficult. Where’d all the hostels go!? There are a few in Clifden and Letterfrack, one in Oughterard…but there are long miles between those locations. I’ll continue to search for hostels, but perhaps I can also find lodging at convents or monasteries that offer hospitality to travelers, as suggested in this article. If you have suggestions for lodging, please post it here or send me an email.

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