Yesterday evening I thought I’d go for a walk. So since I was feeling a bit lonely I walked down to the end of the dirt road and started walking in toward town. I wasn’t walking down a real big road, not a highway, but it’s busy for this part of the state. Lots of cars passed; I recognized some of the people inside them, and one even nodded to me.

And I got to thinking about the roads in Ireland. They’re so skinny in most of the country that when busses need to pass each other they have to crawl as slow as a turtle, because there’s hardly an inch between them. And those are the main roads!

It was nice, though. With the roads so small, there wasn’t so much space between you and the other cars or you and the person walking. It’s more sociable. Here, it seems like lots of roads aren’t places in themselves at all, just a way to get to a destination. Those little roads are nice places to be.

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  1. Hey Rambler, interesting blog, I had the opportunity to do a lot of walking around in Ireland some years ago, it was a beautiful place but the rain was really opressive. I cant recall a single day when there was any sun. I never made it to the west coast though I spent a lot of time in County Fermanagh. (Probably wrong spelling) Check out my blog, I write about exploration of the rock.