Puck, Pennsic, and the Man of la Mancha (A Frivolous, Festive Friday)

This cartoon, from xkcd, always cracks me up.  For being both green-related and creative, it’s earned it’s place this Frivolous Friday.  Here’s to the Man of la Mancha: I will always get teary watching that film, no matter how much of a sap it makes me.

It is, perhaps, not a non sequitur to segue from Don Quixote into announcing that I’m now 99% sure I’m going to visit Pennsic this year.  (What’s Pennsic?  This is Pennsic.)  That’s right, I will be reporting from on the ground at Cooper’s Lake, though with a several-day delay because, my friends, I am leaving my Glowing Rectangle safe at home.  This is some festive news, which makes this a Festive Friday, too.

A (somewhat belated) Happy Midsummer to all.  Here, we celebrated a laid-back St. John’s Eve with a fire in the firepit and fresh strawberries with cocoa scones.  Now, goodnight and a puckish weekend to you.

5 Responses to Puck, Pennsic, and the Man of la Mancha (A Frivolous, Festive Friday)

  1. Haha! I love xkcd! I am especially tickled that extra text always pops up if you hover with the mouse.

    Yay for Pennsic! I have the Pennsic bug really bad. I am so ready! Well, I mean ready in my heart. There are actually quite a few physical preparations to be done before we go, like making sure the tent doesn’t leak and finding a ride. Should be rolling into camp around August 6th or so.

  2. Ha! Likewise. I’ve set aside a small box of clif bars and pepperoni sticks and such – that’s about the extent of my prep so far.

    Any progress on finding a lift?

  3. Working on it… We’ll get there one way or another, since I camp with some really good people who would miss my cooking if I didn’t show up. Hopefully we’ll just have our own car by then.

  4. Car acquired! Do you want to set up a time/place to meet or should I just drop by your block? I’ll be living in N35 with Compass Rose. I think I’ll get there the 6th or 7th.

  5. Yay! Better just drop by…my brain is too flummoxed from packing to figure out a time, lol. Or, even better (since it’s a much shorter hike for you) just look for me at Odyssey – I’m there almost as much as in camp. You can find a pic to recognize me by at http://kristeneaton.com . I’ll be on site through the 11th. Safe travel! I’m really looking forward to meeting you!