Pennsic Postmortem

Packing away Pennsic garb and supplies is something like packing away Christmas decorations: There’s a bit of nostalgia in seeing them go, but they wouldn’t be so special if you kept them out all year.  (Of course, with some creative mixing and matching, I find it’s pretty easy to wear garb in everyday life.  Especially when you live in Vermont.   So not everything gets packed away.)

Pennsic often has some of that that Christmas-must-be-perfect vibe – you know, that strained sort of “we must have fun!  WHY aren’t we HAVING FUN!” feeling.  But this was a particularly low key year and I found that vibe was completely missing – and good riddance to it!  Holidays are much more festive when they’re allowed to come as they are.

I think any feeling of “This holiday must be perfect eeeEEEE!” is a sign that there are not enough holidays going around.  So, among my many other projects, I’m starting a calendar of sundry and diverse holidays.  Then I will see how many I can manage to celebrate.  Keep an eye out for the calendar.  Probably sometime after Christmas, because lord knows I’ll have tons to do if everything’s going to be just exactly right for our Yuletide Season!

(Just kidding about that last bit.  In my family we spend all of Christmas in our PJs and only change out of them to go for a crisp-winter-air, kicking-through-the-snowdrifts sort of walk.)

Many thanks to everyone who helped make my week and a half at Pennsic a relaxing, colorful, generally rockin’ holiday.  May you have many such occasions throughout the year!

3 Responses to Pennsic Postmortem

  1. Pennsic this year was a blast because you where there longer. Next year full 2 weeks though! ;P
    Love ya,