Packing and Itinerary

Here’s the plan: I’ll take a train to NYC, to visit my sister. Three whirlwind days later, I’ll take a bus to Philly to visit my boyfriend. Five days after that, I’ll fly to Shannon Ireland. From there it’s on to Galway for a few days to hang with friends, and then to begin the hike itself. Five months later, I’ll fly back to Philly, and the next day the boyfriend and I will drive to Pennsic, a festival in Slippery Rock, PA.
That means, I have to pack four bags at once: My backpack, of course, is the most important. Then there’ll be a bag for Galway (that I’ll leave with friends), a bag for New York and Philly (that my boyfriend gets to store for me), and a big old bin of garb and supplies for Pennsic. Whew!

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