Mea Culpa Mondays

Welcome, friends, and gather round the campfire – which is fueled by hand-gathered branches and fallen limbs, and so, I think, carbon-neutral.

There are periods when I’m trying to be especially mindful of my environmental impact when I find myself going a little bonkers.  I not only make sure to avoid excess packaging and worry that I’m recycling everything that should be recycled, but I worry about the energy that recycling will use up. Things seem so complicated.  It is at these periods that I am tempted to become a hermit in the woods, residing in a solar-equipped, reclaimed-wood cabin and living off of stinging nettles and dandelion greens.

Of course, there are lots of days when that doesn’t sound half bad, really (so long as I also get to snack on freerange eggs and fair trade chocolate).  But since I can’t swing it now, I’ve instituted “Mea Culpa Mondays,” instead.  This only-partially-tongue-in-cheek title will indicate blog posts where I try to find ways to (a) take responsibility for environmental and/or social impact and (b) make my life easier at the same time.

Right now, I’m going to do both of these by turning off the computer, thus reducing electricity usage and distraction.  Until next time, enjoy the campfire and feel free to roast some marshmallows.  (Has anyone discovered a whole food version of marshmallows yet…?  Oh dear…)

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