Managing Life Remotely

I’m lucky. At this point in my life––post undergrad, pre mortgage––my logistics are pretty manageable; in short, I have very few bills. My mobile phones (both Irish and American) are both pay-as-you-go, for example. Of course there are those student loans that are coming due, but yay for Direct Deposit. And just so you know, any donations you make to my website can be transfered into my account online, as can any income from google’s adsense.

Of course, that’s outflow; what about career? Luckily for me, I can write from anywhere. Notebooks are portable. And as for finished work, I just finished my first novel! I won’t be able to really pursue sending it out to agents and publishers until I get back––it would be a real bummer to have an interested agent who couldn’t get in touch with me! But still, it’s nice to know I have a finished piece to promote once I get back. And meanwhile, I’m collecting plenty of material and writing away.

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