It’s a Giveaway!

giveaway graphic 10-2015One of my favorite holidays is just around the corner, and, to celebrate, I’ve put together a giveaway!  This will end at midnight on Halloween, and one winner (picked at random from the comments below) will get these treats:

  • a PLANT WEEDS: THE “S” MAKES IT LEGAL t-shirt.  It’s a unisex size XL in a nice dark chocolate brown.
  • a copy of Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide
  • three travel-sized spray bottles of Urban Moonshine bitters (one each of their maple, original, and chamomile bitters)

I’m pretty excited about this little package:

UM spraysUrban Moonshine bitters – in addition to being delicious – are ideal to have around during the approaching holiday season.  You can read here all about how bitters help curb sugar cravings, balance the appetite, soothe gas and bloating, and relieve upset stomach.  There are always more sweets around than usual through November and December and – whether I want to pass on having an extra cookie at work or alleviate the effects of indulging at a family party – I find it’s a huge help to have bitters close to hand.  These little spray bottles are convenient and also just fun.  Urban Moonshine’s maple bitters are a delicious choice for the bitters newbie (or anyone who’s mad about maple).  Their original bitters are yummy and complex, and the chamomile bitters are beautifully aromatic and soothing.  I’m a big fan of dandelions (as you can tell from the seed featured on the “Plant Weeds” t-shirts), and all three of these contain organic dandelion root and leaf.

RG Med HerbsRosemary Gladstar‘s Medicinal Herbs is a perfect introduction to herbalism for the beginner, but also has tons of material and recipes for more experienced herbalists.  This is the book I like to keep on hand to give to people who you can tell really want to try herbalism but just haven’t taken that first step yet.  The photography is gorgeous and – like most, probably all, of Storey Publishing‘s books – the design and layout are inviting and easy to use.  Rosemary’s style of writing is personable and rich, and her instructions are accessible and practical.  This book features sections on 33 easy to obtain plants, including culinary herbs like basil and turmeric as well as wild and weedy species like dandelion and plantain.  There are plenty of recipes in this book for enjoying during winter months, but it’ll also have you planning your garden and forays into foraging come spring.  You might even decide to set aside some space in your garden for weeds!

Image-2The PLANT WEEDS – THE “S” MAKES IT LEGAL shirt is my own design, and is locally printed by Amalgamated Culture Works.  It’s made of super soft organic cotton.  You can read more about these t-shirts here, and if you can’t wait until November to find out if you’ve won, you can order one here.

How can you enter to win these goodies?  I’m glad you asked!  You can enter up to four times.  When you log in to leave a comment, make sure to enter a correct and valid email address, so I’ll be able to get in touch with you.  Leave a comment for each individual entry:

  1. What’s one of your favorite weeds?  Do you harvest it?  Have you planted it?  Tell me in the comments of this post.
  2. Visit a Vaguely Bohemian shop.  Poke around a little.  Come back and – in a comment on this post – tell me what’s most important to you about these shirts (that they’re organic? that they’re printed locally?) or something you’d like to see (e.g. a different color or fabric).
  3. Follow Vaguely Bohemian via your method of choice, e.g. email (sign up in the righthand sidebar, under “Stay in the Know”) or  twitter (@vaguelybohemian).  Comment and tell me you’ve done this.  Are you already following Vaguely Bohemian?  Comment and tell me so.
    PLEASE NOTE:  You can also find Vaguely Bohemian on Facebook, but following on Facebook is excluded from this method of entry, due to Facebook’s terms.
  4. Share this giveaway, or a Vaguely Bohemian shop, via your method of choice.  This might be word of mouth, on your own blog, on twitter, etc.  Comment on this post and tell me you’ve done this.
    PLEASE NOTE:  Sharing on Facebook is excluded from this method of entry, due to Facebook’s terms.

Good luck!  The entry period ends at midnight EST on 10/31/15, and the winner will be drawn on 11/1.

Giveaway ends 10/31/15 at midnight EST. Open to residents of the US only.  (Shipping address must be in the US.)   Winner will be selected randomly and be notified by email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected. Vaguely Bohemian will send the prize to the  winner directly. The products offered for the giveaway are free of charge, no purchase necessary. This giveaway is administered by Vaguely Bohemian only, and Facebook and Twitter are in no way associated with this giveaway.  If you have any additional questions – feel free to send us an email!

88 Responses to It’s a Giveaway!

  1. My Grandma Winnie and I used to pick Lambs Quarters. I used to think she called it lamb squatters. It grows everywhere in our canyon.

  2. I LOVE Goldenrod, it makes me so happy to be around it while I am harvesting it, making it into tinctures to relieve allergies and infusing it in olive oil to make salves that relieve pain and heal slow to heal wounds.

  3. I love the local community business model…it does take a village. This is great!! The fact that corporate greed isn’t involved in your products is great. We need more truly environmentally conscious companies. Yay dog people!! Yay Vermont!!

  4. Hi! My favourite ( well one of, since I have to choose ;) ) is plantain! We harvest it for use during the long Canadian Winter months. We also use it fresh when the bugs bite, all my children know how to use it as well as how to id. It’s great for problem skin salves too. I have recently acquired a couple of red cultivars that I grow In my garden: they are very pretty.

  5. I did poke around, I do love that your t-shirts are organic cotton. I would prefer to purchase organic garments whenever possible and I find the price totally reasonable.

  6. I live so many herbs, comfrey, plantain, nettles…you name it! I love finding volunteers in inconspicuous places-such a gift and usually right when my family or I need them!!!

  7. I love to harvest plantain for use in skin tinctures. Also, I like that these t-shirts are made with GMO free cotton, with no pesticides. I have signed up via email, and as I have no Twitter account, I will be spreading the word of this sweet give-a-way, via word of mouth.

  8. I’m a tulsi grower myself. I branched out into calendula this year~ I keep diggin up more grass in my backyard in Chicago to make room for more medicinal plants.

  9. My favorites are dandelions and plantain. I harvest both and have spread tons of dandelion seeds lol and I always make sure to leave some for others . I love the design on the shirts!! I will be telling all my friends about this giveaway !! Love it ✌️

  10. I love Plantain! I keep bees (or rather, they keep me) and sometimes get stung…and it’s always Plantain to the rescue!

  11. I just disvovered may pops last year. I had no idea how many butterflies counted on them for survival in our area. They grow in the blackberry bushes in our woods. They make an interesting jelly or tea to sooth the nerves.

  12. my current favorite weed is the mint I made my morning tea with! It is growing wild in the backyard. My favorite thing about your t shirts is the graphic, it’s so clean and easy to look at while also getting the message quickly. And I like the quality of the t shirt fabric (or what I could see via the picture). I’ll have to tell my friends about it, since we can’t use Facebook for the entry. All of my weed-s loving friends in Oregon. (Sadly we currently live in Texas…enough said). Also, I like the name of your shop.
    Thank you,

  13. I started following you on Twitter a while back, when I noticed a few of the people I was already following were following you (Lisa Rose, Rosalee de la Foret, K.P. Khalsa, etc.). I knew you had to be interesting.

  14. Stinging Nettle is my favorite weed I did plant it in my garden to give it tlc and then transplanted in in a less traveled area of my yard. I make nettle tincture and infusion.

  15. I am sharing this contest and blog with my weedy friends in a private Facebook message so I don’t break fb rules <3

  16. My Nana used to send me out as a girl to pick Dandelion greens for her to steam & eat w/a little splash of raw apple cider vinegar. I do the same now too.

  17. Are there truly ANY weeds? LOL. I harvest dandelion greens for salads & cat mint for chicken salad.
    I think these shirts are awesome & hope that I win one!

  18. luvin ur shirts. i would buy for all my great nieces & nephews if you made child sizes. even toddlers, would be an awesome gift for my newest who is 2 months old. they expect things like this from “old crazy aunt linney’. hahaha. & i will be wearing mine while harvesting my dandelions & goldenrod. & sharing this giveaway with all my friends. blessings. oh, & i def. pinned you for christmas gifts.

  19. We live on a dairy farm and the land our house sits on is part of the old pasture so I have lots of “weeds”. Right now the most abundant weeds I love and use often are dandelion and plantain. There are so many more, it’s just learning what to do with them all.

  20. I love that your shirts are made of organic cotton but more importantly, you are doing business with a business who have a code of conduct and they truly care.

  21. Love the shirts… also your use of so many common weeds for better health..use a lot of dandelion and water cress, also found and planted some chocolate mint…delicious to just chew on or makes a wonderful tea..

  22. Dandelion for sure…..when I was a little girl (I’m 61 now), it was my job to dig up the dandelion greens….and, in those days we had plenty. :-) My mother would wash the greens and dress them with a warm vinegar dressing made from scratch. I still to this day love dandelion greens……but now, I value them for their medicinal purposes as well as their tasty place on the dinner table. :-)

  23. I love the idea that you are using a local company to print your shirts. I live in a rural area in PA, and I try to support local businesses as much as possible. It is vital to our economy to keep small business alive and well.

  24. This is wonderful! I LOVE the shirt. Wearing organic cotton is becoming increasingly important to me as each year I watch the devastating cycle of a GMO soy field nearby. Cotton hasn’t been planted here in several years, but the soy undergoes about the same process. Some of my relations think me a bit excessive as they continue to trust the American agricultural industry. I already have Rosemary’s book, which I use often but would be happy to pass one along. If you happened to show up at my house mist any day, you’d find me lunching on dandelion or one or more of the other “weeds” growing in my in sprayed yard and garden. Love’m! On behalf of those of us who are striving to clean up our living habits, thanks!

  25. My favorite weed is the Dandelion. I love it in spring, summer, fall, and winter. Fresh flower tea in the spring and summer. I’ve been harvesting roots this fall and look forward to roasting for yummy tea this winter.

  26. I have been immersed in the Plant and Tree Kingdom for the last 30+ yrs-growing, foraging, wild harvesting, medicine making, sharing knowledge with family, friends and my bodywork clients. Turn to the plants-center yourself and listen-the Ancient Wisdom they impart is our life blood.

  27. I’m most in love with whatever weed I’m gathering at the moment. Right now, goldenrod and red raspberry leaves, both cheerful and strong plants, have my heart.

  28. Considering the impact of pesticides in cotton production, yes to organic! Your shop also has creativity, which is nourishing to the artist and the holder of the item,

  29. I love dandelions! and Nettles! I’ve been eating dandelion greens for a couple of years now and have most recently grown to love their roots :)

  30. Just signed up on your email list…..I am starting an herb farm and love the t-shirt!! I love everything about it–local, organic and funny–a great combination!!

  31. Dandelion and Lavender call out my name!!! I attempted to grow Lavender but I live in Phoenix and the heat just exhausted her. My heart broke! Dandelion reminds me of my childhood home near Pittsburgh, PA! As a child I always felt guilt when I had to mow over her! The olive green t shirt is gorgeous and reminds me of a Tulsi tincture!!!!! And it’s organic to boot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Love your shop. I want one just to piss off my Master Gardeners teacher. He hates weeds and just gave a talk about how they are the enemy last night. I was practicing deep breathing throughout the class. Ignorance is bliss!

  33. …and following via Pinterest and bookmarked your blog :-) Will share by word of mouth because I think your designed shirts are a step in spreading valuable information!

  34. Dandelions are my favorite weed but I have never tried them although my mother in law used to buy them and make them into a salad I kept telling her she had a huge salad bar right outside in the yard,

  35. Thank you so much to everyone who entered! The winner has been notified by email. It’s been such a pleasure reading about all of your favorite weeds. Hooray for all of those wonderful plants and the people who love them! Thank you also to the many folks who checked out the t-shirts, and for your enthusiasm about them. This giveaway has been so full of treats for me that I wish I could send you all t-shirts and bitters and books!

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