Inciting Change through Intention: Prayers, Lovingkindness, Rituals, etc for the Gulf

MeetUsAtTheWaterHello friends, and welcome ’round the campfire.  Please pour yourself a long drought of water and drink deep.

I’ve tried not to follow news about the oil spill in the Gulf.  It’s too heartbreaking.  When, for example, @nprnews twittered “BP spill=months of sad animal photos ahead”, I just couldn’t click through.  The thing about this one is – even if you and I went all out, trucked down there and volunteered, it wouldn’t make it all better.  This isn’t a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, it’s a hole in the ocean.  But you know that.

Bill McKibbon recalls, “When a well started spewing oil off Santa Barbara in 1969, it spurred the first Earth Day, which in turn launched the environmental movement and a fundamental questioning of the balance between humans and the rest of nature. It turned out, in other words, to be a real Moment.”  Whether such a fundamental evaluation will happen in 2010 remains to be seen.

But I read over at Mrs. B‘s about the June 12th event you see in the vid below.  Divining Women has asked folks all over to go to water (a beach, lake, stream, or just a bowl of tap water) and pray, chant, perform a ritual, meditate, dedicate a yoga practice, or do whatever works for you to help heal this damage.  In short, perhaps, to incite a Moment.  Here’s hoping.

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