How I Wrote a Book, By Popular Request

Megan asked:

Did you say you wrote a book? I’d like to hear more about that. I’m very interested in writers and how they do it.

 Hmm…I did write a novel.  It was an on-again-off-again affair for a few years, until I decided I was going to go bonkers if I didn’t finish it.  So rather than going to Pennsic last August, I took advantage of the apartment being empty and set myself up with a DIY writer’s retreat.  I cooked up pots of food and oodles of scones beforehand, and stowed them in the freezer.  I canceled pretty much all of my commitments, and I became an urban hermit for about a week and a half.  Having given up a couple of weeks of sylvan festivities was somewhat depressing…but made it all the more important to Finish the Freakin’ Book.  And I did.

So far as ‘writers and how they do it,’ it seems that there are countless methods writers use, often contradictory.  I-can’t-remember-which-writer takes hours to write each sentence, but then that sentence is perfect and never needs revision.  I write first drafts by hand, always, so I know no one else will ever (be able to) read that piece of paper.  Then I revise again and again, depending on the work.  I’ve also found that techniques from other disciplines (e.g. theatre) are a whole lot of help in writing.  But instead of waxing poetic for far longer than the average internet-attention-span is likely to last, I will plug my other blog, Storytraining: Techniques, news, and inspirations for all disciplines of storytellers…  Granted, I haven’t posted there since I moved in November, but never fear, it will soon be resurrected.  Really :)

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