Hallow’s Eve Greetings

Walking up the street dressed as a dryad,* I wished everyone passing a Happy Halloween. It reminded me of the rural west coast of Ireland, where even folks walking down the opposite side of the street will usually call out a “hiya.” I kept that habit for a while, then seem to have lost it in the city – even on streets that are quiet enough to make greeting everyone practical. But on Saturday, in my costume and a rust-orange cloak donned for the drizzly weather, I felt like the Halloween Ambassador. I won’t say the streets were all decked out for the holiday, but there were enough jack o’lanterns, enough costumes, enough trick-or-treaters to make the day different. Or maybe days like Halloween are a bit different all on their own. Either way, thank you to all who celebrated!

In the photo: The neighbors’ dog, who participated in the festivities.

*My go-to costume for busy years: little greet devil horns turned inside out ( …/ instead of /… ) so they look like goat horns, leaf-shaped earrings, a Venetian glass leaf necklace, and green and/or brown clothes.

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