Halloween Hauntings and Giveaway!

Hello and welcome round the campfire!  Pull up a seat – and throw on some extra logs, if you like, since the nights are getting longer and chillier as we head toward Halloween.  I hope your journey – from Mrs. B’s Haunted Blog Tour, or some other hospitable way station in the ether – was a pleasant one!

I hope you’ll join me in exploring tricks of the trade and misadventures in my quest to live resourcefully, sustainably, and creatively:  Please take a moment to look around, and maybe check out some of my fave posts, like “A Knight in Moderation” and “Trifles of Terrors…or is it Truffles?”  In the future, keep an eye out for more herb-related entries, since I’ve just started a course on herbalism!  You might also like to check out the links above, which will bring you to the rest of VaguelyBohemian.com, a nascent resource for vaguely boho skills, entertainment, recipes and more. 

 I wish I could offer you each a cup of tea, but since pixels don’t steep as well as real leaves, here’s a giveaway instead.  The winner will receive a custom-written Looseleaf Handcrafted Five Phrases Story, set on Halloween.  If you win, you just submit five phrases that you would like included in the story. Then, its my job to come up with a Halloween story that those phrases fit into naturally.  (To check out sample stories, click here.)  The one and only first edition of this story will then be printed on 100% cotton paper and bound in a booklet made primarily of reclaimed, recovered, and/or upcycled materials. (Styles vary; the pattern pictured is just one of many possibilities.)

This giveaway will last until October 30th 31st at midnight, and I’ll announce the winner on Halloween Day November 1st.   

  • To enter, be or become a follower of this blog, and leave a comment telling me what your favorite fairy tale or myth is.  Please make sure that you either have a blog I can find through your profile or that you leave your email addy in your comment.  Thanks!

For additional chances to win (leave a separate comment for each entry):

Thank you so much for haunting my blog today;  I hope to see you round the campfire again!

36 Responses to Halloween Hauntings and Giveaway!

  1. I’m a follower and my favorite fairy tale by far is Cinderella. Did you know that almost every country in the world has it’s own version of the Cinderella tale?

    Also, anyone visiting from the 31 Days of Halloween can take three extra entries, used on whichever giveaway/s you’d like! Just comment here, then go to the giveaway post of your choice and post the word “Boho”.

  2. O my gods… This is one of the most creative giveaways, Kristen! Guess If I want to win it? lol!

    I follow your cool blog, and my favorite tales are, among others, all Arthurian lores.

    Fingers crossed!

  3. Oh, favorite fairytale or myth…I have several…little mermaid, beauty & the beast, cinderella. Yes, the originals are more gruesome than the Disney versions.
    So many life lessons, so little time!

  4. I have to say that my favorite fairy tale is cinderella or red riding hood – I like cinderella for the happily ever after, and red riding hood just because it is a little bit dark – (most classics have that dark lesson interwoven in the story) I started following from Mrs B’s


  5. What a beautiful blog and love your story shop as I’m a huge fairy tale/myth lover.

    I’m now a follower of your blog, gladly!

    I added you as a favorite on etsy.

    My favorite fairy tale is the original “A Little Mermaid” by H.C. Anderson, (not the Disney movie) and “Snow White.” One about soul and love and S.W. about courage and kindness. Perfect combo!

    Thank you so much for having this giveaway!

  6. my favorite fairy tale is Cinderella…but i also really like snow white and the seven dwarfs – those guys are just toooooo cute!

  7. I’ve added myself to the follow list,, looking forward to those herbal entries.

    My favourite fairytale is Snow White, possibly because the Peanut is obsessed with the story.

  8. I’m a big nerd when it comes to all things mythology, folk tales and fairy tales, so narrowing down a favorite is almost impossible. Since I’m also a lover of the number 3 I’ll narrow it down to that many. So, in no particular order: Little Red Riding Hood, Folklore about the Baba Yaga and the Greek mythologies surrounding the birth of the constellations, like Orion.

  9. Your another blog that has what I am looking for! I follow a few that will tell me how to live like a hippy :)- make my own laundry detergent and wine (at different times, of course), and be creative. I love your story idea! I don’t have a favorite fairy tale because they are all so morbid! Ok- I do- but I only know of it because of Tim Burton- Corpse Bride.

  10. This has to be the coolest giveaway ever. Really.

    I am a new follower and I think my favorite fairytale is Beauty and the Beast. But I love most Greek mythology. My sons’ middle names are, respectively, Orion and Icarus. LOL

  11. I love this idea!

    Unfortunately I don’t blog or tweet, but I’m there in spirit.

    As for fairy tales and myths…oh boy. Absolutely anything that involves a dragon (or a naga, depending on your part of the world) will keep me enthralled. Big fan of classical mythology and folklore (I ever tell you I applied for college scholar with a mythology/folklore plan? It was weak), but I like examining recurring themes in cross cultural tales (like dragons, who appear all over the world!) like the use of apples, wicked step mothers, underworlds, etc…

  12. Hi Rambler!

    Well, I chewed through the Orange Fairy Book and the Red Fairy Book and the Green Fairy Book, not to mention a zillion others, but I think one of my favorites is called “Vasilisa the Wise” with Baba Yaga.
    (I think Pratchett likes Baba Yaga, though who knows for sure)
    Oh, and the short tales in Women Who Run With the Wolves are all good too.

  13. HI! i am a follower now….
    umm , my fav myth??? gosh that is hard. Can Sandman count? (delirium is my hero, of course) Other wise….. the paper bag princess. which most certainly must count. or whatever the story of Persephone is called.

    one of those 3.


    i spend alot of time thinking about fairy tales and myths. i cant decide. if this disqalifies me, drat.

    im not going to post my email address, but you have it.

    this is awesome! (you are brillent…)

  14. Hi lady! I love your blog, and my favorite fairy tale is Donkeyskin – have you ever read it? It’s magical. Love you lots and all the best to you! Gretchen :)