Day 6: Glengarriff to Adrigole

This was another busy road, but the day off had put a spring in my step and I sang to myself as I started out: ”I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more…” The road was busy enough, but pretty, and after much walking I entered Adrigole, so far the widest town I’ve been through. There were two small shops in total, and about halfway between them I caught up to another backpacker, a young man from Hong Cong who is currently a student in Derry. It was a treat to converse with a fellow traveller, someone who I might see later along the way. I got a further treat when we arrived at the hostel (a lovely place in a wide open yard beneath a mountain) and met two German backpackers. Soon we’d covered the kitchen table with our maps and directories, as we compared notes about the remainder of the Beara Way.

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