Day 5: A Rest in Glengarriff

Just up the road from the center of Glengarriff is the Glengarriff Nature Reserve, home to ancient oak forests and a multitude of holly trees (both a novelty to me). Seeing as it was my day off, I did only a small portion of the walks through the reserve, but it was still stunningly beautiful. Oaktrees may not get as big as redwoods when they get old, but they sure do get wise.

One of the two walks I did do was up to Lady Bantry’s Lookout. On the way up I was griping to myself about all the stairs, seeing as I was supposed to be resting for the day, but once I saw the view it was worth every step. I had met a couple on the way in to Glengarriff the day before, and had planned to try to say hi to them when they got out of mass, but this view was not a thing to be rushed for man or god, and by the time I got back into town mass was well over.

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