Day 4: Bantry to Glengarriff

Another walk on a busy road, but this time a bit more scenic, especially as I entered Glengarriff. Even as tired as I was, I just had to stop and admire the views. Glengarriff reminds me a lot of some towns in the foothills in Colorado: one street with a big freakin mountain as a backdrop.

After a while I got settled into the hostel – a pretty cushy hostel, actually – and went out for a pints with a professor from Cork who was also visiting Glengarriff. Of course, in my case this meant one pint of cider and one of milk!

The pictures are from the beach where I stopped to have lunch. Sometimes a slice of bread and kippers can be a beautiful thing!

One Response to Day 4: Bantry to Glengarriff

  1. Kristen

    am just reading your tale after a month away in a remote and beautiful part of South Africa….and you are putting a longing on me! I love it, that sense of being out on the road, the dawning of a different consciousness, the things that can and do happen. Go for it girl!!!