Day 11: Lauragh to Tousist

A much needed shorter day of walking, and a fairly uneventful one. I passed one shop/post office, and though I’ve always loved small corner stores, I’m beginning to miss the selection available at supermarkets. The shop had neither smoked fish nor bananas, so I got an apple and a half dozen eggs. I also have some bread and the end of a bag of porridge, as well as an expired tin of fish in mustard sauce. I ate the last for dinner and can’t get the metallic taste out of my mouth.

But the campground I’m staying at is a lovely one, with nice hot showers. I’ll bet it’s a ton of fun in the summer when it’s full. I’m beginning to think this might not be the best way to travel: at the end of the day I’m too tired to go to the pub, even if it is a short walk away. But I think tomorrow’s trek, recommended by the owner of the campground and along the Beara Way, might reactivate my enthusiasm for this trip.

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