Dan Henley, Much Missed

Yesterday I learned that a friend of mine – who was not a particularly close friend, but was a dear one – passed away on May 6. Dan was a jeweler who vended at SCA events, Renaissance faires, and so on; he made these lovely delicate little creations with large, deft hands. He was a serene and good-humored presence in places that can often be rowdy and overwhelming, and although I usually only saw him once a year, he will be missed throughout the seasons.

What an odd thing it is, though, to learn online that someone has died. I want to look someone in the eye when I hear news like that. I want to hear someone’s voice.
At the same time – despite Dan’s own scarce presence on the web – a quick google turned up page after page of blog posts, comments, status updates…all in his memory. In a medium that is often casual and trite, Dan’s friends are poetic and heartfelt. These posts may only be words in the ether, but they are laments all the same.