Clean Living in a Dirty World

Back before midsummer I promised some “Mea Culpa Mondays” – in which I demonstrate ways to alleviate my green-related guilt and make life easier at the same time.  Since time has danced his merry and compulsive way into fall, I guess I should get on that!

Today’s suggestion regards household cleaners:

If the Smell Makes You Woozy, 

Don’t Spray it Around Your Home
For me, this guideline nixes most brand name products, so I’ve joined the “old wives” by using human- and eco-friendly substances like:

  • white vinegar: (usually cut with water) for disinfecting and general cleaning
  • baking soda: for scrubbing and deodorizing
  • castile soap: e.g. Dr. Bronner’s (usually cut with lots of water) for general cleaning
  • salt: for scrubbing
  • a detergent base: such as Sal’s Suds (cut with lots of water): for stripping grease/oil

The prices can’t be beat, and these fellas know how to multitask.  I clean pretty much everything in the house with these ingredients, so I don’t need to store (or pay for) specialized cleaning products.  When I have time, I like to get creative by adding essential oils and such.  But mostly, I take one of the above mixed with water and spray it on…whatever…and it works.  It’s just a matter of using common sense to figure out which of these ingredients is best for the job at hand.

So next time you run out of window cleaner, tub cleaner, tile cleaner, dish soap, furniture polish, laundry detergent, or whatever, shame the scrubbing bubbles and the animated bald men, save yourself some cash and karma, and prove that cleaning up can be chemical-induced-headache/nausea/sore throat/guilt-free. ;)

* According to Better Basics for the Home, by Annie Berthold-Bond.

One Response to Clean Living in a Dirty World

  1. I came upon your blog from Mrs. B’s. I read your post about clean living in a dirty world. — I have to agree… we use Dr. Bronner’s sal suds and lavender soap, distilled water with white vinegar, distilled water with a little sal suds and lemon myrtle oil or tea tree oil… all work even better than the toxic items from the store. Now, do I have to sometimes use the other stuff… well, on occasion, but the tried and true at our house is Dr. Bronner’s.