Check it Out: Why Experiences Trump Material Goods

This week, check out PsyBlog, wherein Jeremy Dean takes psychological research from academic journals, then successfully navigates that tricky balancing act whereby the info becomes accessible without being dumbed-down.  My fave article so far?  “Six Psychological Reasons Consumer Culture is Unsatisfying”  Here’s a sample:

This experiment suggests that thinking of material purchases in experiential terms helps banish dissatisfaction. Try thinking of jeans in terms of where you wore them or how they feel, the mp3 player in terms of how the music changes your mood or outlook, even your laptop in terms of all the happy hours spent reading your favourite blog.

Alternately:  Get tea with a friend instead of buying eyeliner.  Go to a festival instead of buying designer jeans.  Backpack through Europe instead of buying a shiny new car.  Because the car depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot, but experiences, I find, only get more valuable with time.

One Response to Check it Out: Why Experiences Trump Material Goods

  1. Ha! That sounds like something I would love to read, if nothing else than to give me more arguments for my case!! Hope you’re enjoying your yoga on your porch. I enjoy my meditation under my bedroom window looking out onto a similar set of beautiful trees…