Boa Pose

Yesterday was nice and warm, so my boyfriend – we’ll call him Logan – took his boa constrictor for a walk up the street. His daughter was visiting, and took her chestnut-colored Pomeranian along for the walk. Folks were hanging out on their stoops and on sidewalks, and the double-takes were priceless.

The boa was happy to be out, looking around, sensing the air with her tongue, reaching forward and up toward the light in what Logan calls ‘stargazing.’ For the yogis our there, you might say she was practicing ‘cobra pose.’ But as intriguing as her head movements were, I was just as impressed by her tale: all the while she was used it in an almost prehensile manner to hold herself steady. She’d curl it against Logan’s back, then sweep down and find his belt loop, and take ahold of that. She continuously sought steadiness with her tale while stretching out and up with her head and neck – just as in yoga we try to be as present in our feet as in our head, and as grounded as we are powerful.

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