Acts of Beauty, and Some Late-Night Giggling

Windelbahn. Turf Labyrinth Prussia. For a Pelicaning. Pic tak... on TwitpicYou remember how I resolved not to feel sorry for myself about not making it to Pennsic this year?  I’m doing a good job.  After a month of traveling, it’s great to be back home.  Still, I have whiled away a few minutes here and there looking for news of Pennsic.  This evening, I was surprised to come across a Twitter account by the guy I knew only as that-guy-who-draws-chalk-labyrinths-at-pennsic.

Labyrinth,PennsicPavement is ugly.  There isn’t a ton of it at Pennsic, but there’s enough that I welcome seeing it transformed from plain old blacktop into a labyrinth (or, sometimes, a sundial).  One Pennsic evening last year, I was tired and hungry, so we went to that-place-that-serves-hotdogs-really-late.  What should be in front of it but a giant labyrinth!  (Pictured here.)  Logan and I walked all the way to the center together, and then I ran all the way out.  It was fun and silly and grounding and a bit strange – to be dressed in garb, running through a labyrinth, late at night, in front of a hot dog stand.  Absolutely made the evening.  Many thanks, Labyrinth Guy!

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