A Pennsic Retrospective, part 2: In Which a Punch-Drunk Judge Points our Heroine in the Right Direction

I was home – but almost no one else was. Of the three folks left, two were too buzzed to remember me even if we had known each other. Logan was partaking but coherent; I’d never met him before, but he was kind enough to help me unpack, and even volunteered to sleep elsewhere that night, lending me his bed so I could wait to set my tent up during daylight hours…

But beds were the last thing on my mind; this was to be a short trip to Pennsic to catch up with old friends and no more. I changed into what I had that could pass for garb. I’d packed quickly, not bothering to dig out my more authentic stuff, and the peasant shirts I’d brought included a subtly tie-dyed number that I hope wasn’t too noticeable in the dark. Soon I was sitting round the campfire, re-making the acquaintance of the folks who had been so gracious to me three years prior.

After some time Logan invited me to go party-roaming, along with a couple of girls and a judge who had been brought in to remarry a couple who camped nearby. Sober as a judge the judge was not. This judiciary gentleman developed a habit of leaning in to whisper incoherent nothings in my ear. At some point, he must have given up on his own designs, as he declared:
“You know, in my line of work you get a feel for these things, and I can tell you two are a great couple. How long have you been together – two, three years?”

3 Responses to A Pennsic Retrospective, part 2: In Which a Punch-Drunk Judge Points our Heroine in the Right Direction

  1. What a great story! Thanks for sharing. I’d love to hear more. I know exactly what you mean about the feeling of coming home. Who would have thought you could get a sense of home from a place that exists only 2 weeks out of the year? It makes me wish I was at Pennsic right now. I’ve been going since Pennsic 33, but we decided to stay home this year with the little ones. I just don’t think we’d have the experience we’re looking for if we went with our 2 1/2 month old and our almost 3 year old. Next year, though, next year.

  2. Hi! Thanks for checking out the site. You bet – I meant to finish that story before summer got so busy, but I will post again soon!

    Pennsic is a special kind of magic, I think, that people to come together and make an imaginary world real for two weeks.

    Uff! I can understand that an infant and a three-year-old could make Pennsic very challenging. But I imagine it will rock when they’re older. There aren’t any kids in our camp, but I love to see them all dressed up in the marketplace. I can just imagine what Pennsic must look like to a child…a whole campground playing make-believe…

  3. We’ve had our son to Pennsic twice and he was a handful. He loved it though. It was really fun to put him in all his little outfits too. He looked like a hobbit boy in his cloak. Next year he’ll be at a good age to be at Pennsic. He’ll have enough sense and control not to dash into the fire/lake/large scale battles, but he’ll still experience wonder at seeing it all.

    I have you bookmarked, so I’ll check back.