A Hunt for an Imperfect Pumpkin

My boyfriend has no Halloween spirit at all, but proved what a good sport he is by accompanying me to the local pumpkin fest here in the Big City. In addition to the weekly farmers market (yum!), there were hay bales and pumpkins galore – and a petting zoo! Maybe an adult shouldn’t get quite so excited about a few goats and chickens, but when a country girl’s been in the city for as long as I have, seeing these critters is quite a treat.

I always look for the tall skinny pumpkins, the warty ones, and the just plain misshapen gourds. But lo and behold, the farmers had only brought pretty pumpkins to the city! Each and every one was round as a basketball with unblemished orange flesh: the type of pumpkins they use on sitcoms.

I wonder if oranges come in as many shapes in Florida as pumpkins do in rural New England? I’m thinking that judging gourds and fruits and vegetables by how perfectly shaped they are is a bit nonsensical…especially since those big bizarrely-shaped heirloom beefsteaks I had earlier this summer were absolutely delicious…

Anyway, stuck with a plethora of perfect pumpkins, I did my best and dug up one with a few bumps and an extra-long stem – and my guy even helped me carry it home.

2 Responses to A Hunt for an Imperfect Pumpkin

  1. A friend of mine was on the hunt for the ugliest pumpkin ever last weekend. The best we could do is find one that was moderately more wrinkled. I guess they make the rest into tasty, tasty pies.